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Beyond the Simulcast

Using Secret Church Resources Beyond the Simulcast

The goal of Secret Church is not simply to attend a live gathering or watch a simulcast once per year and go away unchanged. Instead, we hope and pray that everyone who attends a gathering will take what they learn and pass it along to others. This can be done in a variety of ways, and we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible to access Secret Church resources for use “Beyond the Simulcast.”

One-On-One Discipleship

Don’t let Secret Church be a collection of “fill in the blanks” that exists merely for your own personal growth. Instead, use what you are learning to teach others. Purchase or download an extra study guide and invite a friend to join you as you watch the teaching sessions from a previous gathering and discuss them further. We think the first six Secret Church studies would be good discipleship material to walk through with new believers over a period of several months.

For Small Group Study

Many small groups use Secret Church materials as a weekly curriculum. This gives small group members the opportunity to engage in additional discussion around the topics discussed. We have begun creating Small Group Discussion Guides specifically for the purpose of assisting small group leaders in guiding discussion and study within their groups.

Churchwide Gatherings

Some churches choose to have Secret Church gatherings year-round. Some churches have Secret Church gatherings once a month to “catch up” on studies that they’ve missed. Others choose a topic that is of particular interest to their faith families and invite the entire church to participate. Still others plan a churchwide gathering and encourage small groups to discuss the teachings in a more intimate setting afterward, utilizing the Small Group Discussion Guides.

Taking Secret Church to the Nations

We love to hear about groups who take Secret Church resources and share them around the world. You are permitted—and encouraged!—to share Secret Church teachings with friends who live in other parts of the world. We also enjoy hearing about the unique ways that short-term teams use Secret Church to train pastors and encourage Christ-followers among the nations.

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