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  1. 9Marks Journal Sneak Peek: Discipling in the Church

    Posted on August 31st, 2012 by David Burnette

    The folks at 9Marks were kind enough to let us take a sneak peek at the upcoming 9Marks Journal, which will be available on Tuesday, Sept. 4th. If you don’t already subscribe to this journal, you can change that now. By the way, it’s free! 9Marks is always edifying in terms of helping us think through God’s design for the church.

    This latest edition is dedicated to discipling in the church, a topic that gets at the heart of why Radical exists. As a preview, here are a few articles to pique your interest:

    • Discipling: More than a Podcast Preacher
    • Elders – The Church’s Lead Disciple-Makers
    • How Can Pastors Raise Up Leaders?
    • Discipleship According to the Scriptures
    • Discipling When You Need to Be Discipled
    • A Discipler’s Daily Itinerary
    • Six Benefits of Evangelism for Discipleship
    • A Sacred Trust: Reflections on Discipling Women

    Here’s a snippet from Garrett Kell’s article, “Discipleship According to the Scriptures”:

    “As we follow our Lord, we quickly learn that part of imitation is replication. Having a personal relationship with Jesus is magnificent, but it is incomplete if it ends with us. Part of being his follower is to intentionally help others learn from him and become more like him. As a friend of mine says, ‘If you aren’t helping other people follow Jesus, I don’t know what you mean when you say you’re following Jesus.’ To be his follower is to help others follow him.”

  2. Well Said…

    Posted on August 31st, 2012 by David Burnette

    1. Grander and More Personal Than You Thought: There’s more packed in to the Great Commission than you might think. Bruce Ashford’s sermon addresses how Jesus’ well-known words at the end of Matthew fit into God’s overall plan of redemption, as well as your own purpose for living. (HT: Justin Taylor)

    2. You Need the Church to Be Holy: Why do you need other people in order to obey God? Biblical counselor David Powlison explains the need for the church, for brothers and sisters in Christ, in our pursuit of holiness.

    3. Gospel-Centered Overkill: Could it be that some of our gospel-centered talk is actually unhelpful in terms of hearing what the Bible is saying? Thabiti Anyabwile thinks we need to think more carefully about how it is that this gospel speaks into our lives. (HT: Justin Taylor)


  3. The Story Behind Multiply

    Posted on August 30th, 2012 by David Burnette

    Francis Chan and David Platt talk about how they have sensed the Lord’s leading in making discipleship a priority, and in initiating something like Multiply.

    Click here to learn more about Multiply and the Multiply Gathering on Nov. 9th and 10th.


  4. My Heart Melts at the Love of Jesus

    Posted on August 29th, 2012 by David Burnette

    My heart melts at the love of Jesus,
          my brother, bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh,
          married to me, dead for me, risen for me;
    He is mine and I am his,
          given to me as well as for me;
    I am never so much mine as when I am his,
          or so much lost to myself until lost in him;
          then I find my true manhood.
    But my love is frost and cold, ice and snow;
    Let his love warm me,
          lighten my burden,
          be my heaven;
    May it be more revealed to me in all its influences
        that my love to him may be more fervent
        and glowing;
    Let the mighty tide of his everlasting love
        cover the rocks of my sin and care.


    — taken from “The Love of Jesus,” The Valley of Vision, 44-45

  5. Am I Really a Christian?

    Posted on August 28th, 2012 by Cory Varden

    McKinley on the role of the church in assurance of salvation:

    “As you look at what Scripture says, you see that the church has been given a few jobs to do. For example, the church is called to preach the gospel to all nations (Matt 28:19-20; Acts 1:8). The church is also Jesus’ appointed means for making it clear both to the world and to itself who is a Christian and who isn’t.

    …many people are confused about their spiritual state.  Many are genuine believers, but they struggle with fearing they are not.  More frighteningly, many sincerely believe they are Christians, but they are sincerely wrong.  Meanwhile, the world looks at the church and sees no real difference between professing believers and the world. But if local churches were doing their job, it would not be so…

    Churches should be made up of people who are genuinely converted.  In that sense, one function of church membership is to give assurance of salvation.  Being a church member means the church believes that your profession of faith is credible.”

    Mike McKinley, Am I Really a Christian?

  6. Unreached

    Posted on August 27th, 2012 by Jonathan

    Chamar, Hindu of India

    Population:  50,550,000

    Language:  Hindi

    Primary Religion:  Hinduism (99.07%)

    Christian:  0.93%

    Persecution Rank:  32

    The Chamar people live primarily in India’s western states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Gujarat. They are considered untouchable, and most of them know nothing else their entire lives. With a population of over 50 million, they are among the largest untouchable, or Dalit communities in the Hindu world.

    The Chamar people are also known as Bhambi, Asadaru, Khalpa, Machigar, Lingayat, Mochi and Rohit. They are mostly distributed in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Gujarat.

    They are regarded as untouchables or Sudras. To be untouchable, according to Indian-Hindu tradition, is to be undesirable, or unworthy of any sort of consideration or provision by society. This translates into frequent joblessness, lack of education and lifelong poverty. Traditional upper caste members will even avoid an untouchable’s shadow.

    The Chamar are Hindu. They belong to the Shiva and Bhagvat sects. Their deities are Bahiroba, Janai, Kandova of Jejori and Bhawani of Tuljapur. They follow the spiritual teachings of Ravidas. They recite mythological tales and sing songs from the religious epics. They celebrate the festivals such as Diwali, Panchami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Kartik, Holi and Hannami.

    There is a slightly higher degree of responsiveness to the gospel among the Chamars than among other Dalits. There is a church planting movement underway among Chamars in several districts across India.

    Prayer Points

    • For the salvation of the Chamar people and that God may send several Christian workers among them and meet their spiritual and physical needs.
    • For the Chamar people to break through the caste barrier; be accepted and accept other communities.
    • Pray that these Chamar believers will be salt and light to Chamar communities throughout India.
    • Pray that church planting will grow across all Chamar communities.
    • Pray for more workers to enter the Chamar harvest.

    This information was gathered from Joshua Project.  For more go to Operation World.

  7. Francis Chan & David Platt Announce Multiply

    Posted on August 24th, 2012 by David Burnette

    Check out Multiply – a new initiative about disciple-making led by David Platt and Francis Chan:

    Some FAQ’s:

    How much does this cost?  Nothing. It’s FREE!

    When is the Multiply Gathering?  Nov. 9th, 2012 @ 7-10pm (Central)  & Nov. 10th, 2012 @ 6-9pm (Pacific)

    Will the content be the same for both nights?  Yes. Simply choose the night that works best for you and your group.

    Where do I register?  Right here.

    Is this something I attend? We are encouraging people to participate via FREE webcast in homes, churches, etc.

    We want to encourage you to keep checking out the Multiply site to learn more about the purpose of Multiply and the Multiply Gathering.The site will be updated in the coming days with more information, including free discipleship material.

    Stay tuned…


  8. Well Said…

    Posted on August 24th, 2012 by David Burnette

    1. Casual Worship?: The words “casual” and “worship” just don’t go together, says Jason Helopoulos. While we don’t want our corporate worship to be “stiff,” encountering God is never casual.

    2. Dever on the Church: Mark Dever talks with the guys at Credo about his latest books on the church.

    3. Why Me?: Why did the Lord show mercy to me? Why was I raised in a Christian home? Why have I been given so many blessings? Most people only ask “Why me?” when times are tough, but Jeremy Walker points out that all believers can ask this same question with great gratitude.

  9. The Reward of His Suffering

    Posted on August 22nd, 2012 by Cory Varden

    Matt Papa just released a new song called The Reward of His Suffering in which every dime from this song, for the life of the song, will be going to the cause of global missions.

    For over a decade, Matt has been writing and recording songs that are saturated with God’s Word.  To Papa, a song is more than just lyrics and melody–it’s a sermon people will remember.

    At the heart of Papa’s ministry is a vision to see the nations worship Jesus; and to that end, Matt radically leverages his life, his ministry, and his music.  We are extremely grateful for God’s grace in Matt Papa.

    You can find our more about Matt Papa here, and his latest song here.

  10. Am I Really a Christian?

    Posted on August 21st, 2012 by Cory Varden

    “If we are being honest, who of us does not seem to fail these tests sometimes (tests of faith)? Sometimes doubt creeps in and makes it hard to trust in Jesus.  Sometimes we don’t love other Christians.  Sometimes sin feels enjoyable, and money looks like the answer.

    Is no one a Christian?  Given that we all fail to meet these standards, how could anyone claim to be a genuine follower of Christ?  And how can anyone have assurance?

    No Christian is perfect, but it is possible to have some confidence in one’s salvation.  In fact, the Bible encourages us to pursue assurance.  The apostle John even wrote his first letter “to you who believe in the name of the Son of God that you may know that you have eternal life” (1 John 5:13).

    I encourage you to check out what else Mike McKinley has to say about this in, Am I Really a Christian?