A Few Bible Reading Plans for 2014

No spiritual discipline is more vital to our faith than the regular intake of God's Word. That's why we're highlighting a few helpful Bible reading plans for the coming year.

Of course, different plans will suit different people at different times, so feel free to choose one that's realistic for you. Before listing those plans below, let me suggest two benefits of a Bible reading plan for those who are still skeptical (or who just need some motivation):

  • It forces you to be intentional. Consistent time in God's Word doesn't just happen apart from intentionality and discipline. Few people drift into healthy patterns of reading and meditating on God's Word. So make a plan, even if you fall short. The point is to be in God's Word.



  • It forces you to read all of Scripture. If you're like me, you tend to return to the same books and passages over and over. That's fine, but we all need exposure to all of God's Word. He thought it was worth including, so it's certainly worth our reading. We need all His words, ways, and attributes.



Of the many different Bible reading plans out there (of which Justin Taylor has an impressive survey), here are a few good ones:

1. Robert Murray M'Cheyne One-Year Reading Plan: This plan takes you through the Bible in a year with four different readings a day. You read through the NT and Psalms twice, and the rest of the OT once. Like other plans, this one can easily be adapted to stretch out over two years by doing two readings per day. As a companion to this plan, D.A. Carson's gives a daily meditation in For the Love of God (vol. 1 & vol. 2) on one of the day's readings. Also, you can get these readings for free by going to Carson's blog, For the Love of God. There's a free app now too.

2. George Guthrie’s Read the Bible for Life Chronological Bible Reading Plan: Here's Justin Taylor's description: "[It] takes you through the whole Bible in the basic order of events, with a reading each day. There’s also a 4 + 1 plan (similar to the others, in that you read from four different places each day plus the Psalms). But it’s a semi-chronological plan, placing the prophets and the NT letters in basic chronological order.”


3. Multiply Reading Plan on YouVersion: This reading plan is a companion to the Multiply material and only attempts to go through a portion of the Bible. In conjunction with the Multiply Gatherings with Francis Chan and David Platt, the Multiply material is a tool designed to aid followers of Christ in making disciples.






Jonathan Petersen says:
Don't forget the email reading plans on Bible Gateway http://www.biblegateway.com/reading-plans/

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