Engaging World Religions in Your Neighborhood (Pt. 2)

Engaging World Religions in Your Neighborhood (Pt. 2)

In Part 1 of our conversation with Dr. Brian Galloway, we learned that there are likely more unreached people groups around us than most of us realize. Here in Part 2 we talk about engaging these followers of various world religions. Dr. Galloway addresses questions like . . .

  • What if I'm scared of speaking to followers of other religions?
  • What can a church do to engage these people?
  • Why don't most believers engage unreached peoples who live right around them?

Dr. Galloway is the Senior Research Analyst with IMB Global Research. You can catch Part 1 of this three-part conversation here. To learn more about the religions of the world and how to engage their followers with the gospel, check out Secret Church 16, "A Global Gospel in a World of Religions."

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