Follow Me: Believing Requires Proclaiming



The below excerpt is from Pastor David's book, Follow Me: A Call to Die. A Call to Live (88-90).



Following Jesus necessitates believing Jesus, and believing Jesus leads to proclaiming Jesus. Consequently, a privatized faith in a resurrected Christ is practically inconceivable. Yet privatized Christianity is a curse across our culture and the church today.

Multitudes of professing Christians say (or at least think), "Jesus has saved me. Jesus' teachings work for me. But who am I to to tell other people what they should believe? Who am I to tell others that their belief is wrong and my belief is right? Even more, who am I to tell them that if they don't believe in what I believe, they will spend forever in hell?"

I completely understand this feeling. I remember standing one day in a sea of people in northern India. If you've never been to India, just think people. Lots and lots and lots of people. Approximately 1.2 billion of them, to be precise, over 600 million of whom live in northern India. Crowded streets and urban slums are surrounded by seemingly endless villages that span the countryside. Economic disparity runs rampant as more people live below the poverty line in India than the entire population of the United States put together.

But India's poverty is not merely physical; it's spiritual, as well. The church partners with whom we work in India estimate that approximately 0.5 percent of the people in northern India are Christians. In other words, 99.5 percent of the people in northern India have not believed in Christ for salvation.

Knowing this, I looked around me one day in that crowded sea of people and thought to myself, Who am I to travel all the way over here to tell these people what they need to believe? Who am I to tell them that all of their gods are false, whether they're Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, or any other gods, because Jesus is the only true God? And who am I to tell 597 million non-Christians who surround me at this moment that if they do not turn from their sin and trust in Jesus, every one of them will spend eternity in hell?

It felt extremely arrogant, completely unloving, and uncomfortably brash to claim that 597 million Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, and Sikhs around me at that moment would go to hell if they didn't trust in Jesus. And absolutely, such a claim would be arrogant, unloving, and brash--unless it is true.

If Jesus were just another religious teacher on the landscape of human history, offering his thoughts and opinions regarding how people should live, then it would definitely be arrogant, unloving, and outright foolish for me (or anyone else) to travel around the world telling people they need to either follow Jesus or face hell. But Jesus is indeed more than just another religious teacher, and Jesus is indeed the resurrected God, Savior, and King who alone has paid the price for sinners and paved the way for everlasting salvation, so telling people everywhere about Jesus is the only thing that makes sense. It is the height of arrogance to sit silent while 597 million Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, and Sikhs go to hell. It is the epitome of hate to not sacrifice your very life to spread this Good News among every person you know and every people group on the planet.



Jonathan says:
Armando, we have many resources translated into Spanish. You can view them at and (once you click on "Sermons" or "Secret Church," choose Spanish in the drop-down language menu). You are free to use these, but ask that you point people to to do so as it is copyrighted material that cannot be changed, altered, etc. Hope they serve you well! The article above is an excerpt of Follow Me, which is translated into Spanish and can be purchased wherever book are sold or HERE.
Jon Stallings says:
"... such a claim would be arrogant, unloving, and brash–unless it is true." - Our culture struggles to understand love. We think that love only comes if we make other happy. But true love is caring for a person not just for their today but for their eternity.
Armando Noé says:
that great article. I am challenged to each procalamar to gospel. and is worthy. I can translate this article in Spanish to share with my Hispanic brothers? I would like to know to do it.
Armando Noé says:
A total challenge for my life ... the ministry God has given david platt has been a blessing in my life. I have a question. Is it possible to translate some of these items in Spanish? to share with my brothers in the faith. would be good to know so post on my blog. course would give credits and david platt radical blog. thank you very much for these items. waited for a response soon. God bless you

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