North Korea Needs Our Prayers

We've all heard about North Korea's threats of war in the news. You may also have heard about the persecution of Christians there. North Korea, according to Open Doors' World Watch List, is the country in which Christians are most persecuted. In fact, it has been first on the list for 11 years in a row now.

According to a recent report from Open Doors, we must pray for our fellow believers in North Korea now more than ever. As the country seems to be ramping up for war, prices for emergency food and supplies are "skyrocketing." The atmosphere is "war-like."

North Korean Christians are asking us to pray for them.

Open Doors USA spokesman Jerry Dykstra briefly sums up how we can pray for these already-persecuted brothers and sisters: "We must respond now to the Christian leaders’ request to pray for them. Pray for Kim Jong-Un; that God will work in his heart and he will pursue peace and not war. Pray for wisdom for leaders in the United States, South Korea and China. Pray for Christians who are put in even more danger due to war preparations. Pray families will find food to feed their families. Finally, pray that no matter what happens Christians will remain strong in their faith.”

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