The Reality of Resurrection

Joni Eareckson Tada grew up like most girls. Playing outside, running with friends and enjoying the carefree life of young girl filled her time. However, in 1967, she had an accident that left her a quadriplegic. Confined to a wheelchair the rest of her life, Tada has been an inspiration to many on what it looks like to suffer with the reality of resurrection in full focus. Let these words remind you of a day when all suffering, sickness, pain, and ultimately death, will be no more:

"I hope in some way I can take my wheelchair to heaven. With my new glorified body I will stand up on resurrected legs, and I will be next to the Lord Jesus. And I will feel those nail prints in his hands, and I will say, 'Thank you, Jesus!' He will know I mean it, because he will recognize me from my inner sanctum of sharing in the fellowship of his sufferings. He will see that I was one who identified with him in the sharing of his sufferings, so my gratitude will not be hollow. And then I will say, 'Lord Jesus, do you see that wheelchair over there? Well, you were right. When you put me in it, it was a lot of trouble. But the weaker I was in that thing, the harder I leaned on you. And the harder I leaned on you, the stronger I discovered you to be. I do not think I would ever have known the glory of your grace were it not for the weakness of that wheelchair. So thank you, Lord Jesus, for that. Now, if you like, you can send that thing off to hell.'"

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