Top 10 Countries For Worst Christian Persecution

By identifying the countries in which Christians are most persecuted, the World Watch List is designed to be a tool to help believers pray specifically for their persecuted brothers and sisters around the world. The rankings are reassessed every year based on research and questionnaires that identify the severity of persecution in five spheres of life: Private Life, Family Life, Community Life, National Life, and Church Life. The short video below helps explain further.

World Watch List Top Ten

  1. North Korea

  2. Saudi Arabia

  3. Afghanistan

  4. Iraq

  5. Somalia

  6. Maldives

  7. Mali

  8. Iran

  9. Yemen

  10. Eritrea

This was originally posted on the Secret Church blog - keep an eye on it for updates and information on persecution in the global church and upcoming Secret Church gatherings. For the complete top 50, see World Watch List’s website. World Watch List is a ministry of Open Doors, an organization devoted to serving the persecuted Church worldwide.

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