Gujjar of India

Population: 771,000

Religion: Islam (96.48%)

What are their beliefs?

Gujjars are mostly Hindus in India, though in Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh they are mostly Sunni Muslims. Muslim Gujjars are also present in Uttaranchal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh in small numbers while in East Punjab they are Sikhs too. The nomadic Gujjars are almost all Sunni Muslims. Gujjars believe in their customary laws regarding their social life amongst themselves.

What are their needs?

They need education and to shun their out dated rituals such as child marriages etc. They need to be uplifted from their backwardness by incorporating policies such as of reservation for them in jobs and by teaching them the latest techniques in animal husbandry and agriculture. Efforts should be made to inspire them to leave their pastoral nomadic life by lending them material support they require.

Prayer Points

  • Ask the Lord to call people who are willing to go to India and share Christ with the Gujjar.

  • Ask God to use the few Gujjar believers to share Christ with their own people.

  • Ask the Lord to raise up prayer teams who will begin breaking up the soil through intercession.

  • Pray that God will open the hearts of India's governmental and religious leaders to the Gospel.

For more information, check out Joshua Project.

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