Well Said...

1. Do You Believe in Santa Christ: In Dr. Sinclair Ferguson’s book, In Christ Alone, he shares the sad reality that many Christians have a Christology that is more informed by Santa Claus than Scripture. Here's an intriguing article from Ligionier unpacking this concept.

2. Let's Rethink Our Holly Jolly Christmas Songs: Simeon the prophet never wished anyone a “holly-jolly Christmas” or envisioned anything about chestnuts roasting on an open fire. According to Russ Moore we ought to make sure that what we sing measures up with the “narrative tension” of the Christmas story.

3. 5 Ways to Play With Your Kids This Christmas: During the holiday season, we’re tempted to spend too much time on our iPhones, on the computer, or watching television. Following our example, our kids isolate themselves too. We’re together physically, but no one is having fun. No wonder by New Year’s everyone is ready to get back into the normal routine.

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