Well Said...


1. A Savage Attack: Eric Metaxas weighs in on the recent salvo against the Bible offered up by Dan Savage at a conference for high school students. The biblical view of homosexuality is once again in the crosshairs, while words like "tolerance" and "bullying" are being redefined right before our very eyes. HT: Denny Burk

2. A (Sarcastic) Hymn to Evolution: Thanks to Jim Hamilton for unearthing this jewel. C.S. Lewis offers up a poetic tribute to Evolution and its utter inability to point us to objective truth. What we believe about Genesis 1-3 matters.

3. Let's Talk about Money: Ed Welch of CCEF points to an issue that not many men seem to want to talk about. And it's not sex. As a Christian counselor, he can't recall the last time he talked with a man about money, even though Jesus had so much to say about it.

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