The Cross and Christian Community

April – October 2013

Churches say they have the best news in the world, that they have the answer to life’s problems, that they are God’s embassies on earth; and yet churches are made up of people who are grumpy, irritable, unfaithful, selfish, and worse. They can tend to be too possessive of small things, too casual about great ones, too defensive of our interests, and too often ignoring God. Though this is sadly true in our day, so it was of the church in Corinth. It was young, it was full of life, and it was just as full of problems. We see no single congregation in the New Testament in which there were more issues, and of such differing kinds. Paul’s letter is God’s Word to His church in Corinth in the midst of these issues, and it’s God’s Word to us today. Overall, this letter may be summed up as a warning against various dangers to which the Corinthians imagine themselves to be immune or are simply oblivious. Paul warns against what divides, sexual immorality, idolatry, factions in worship, and denying the resurrection. Through this letter Paul brings them back to his first preaching of the cross and his first preaching of the resurrection.