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During Secret Church 17 and through the month of May, we are committing to pray and give For Iran.

Why Iran?

The church in Iran is under constant attack.

Christians are routinely discriminated against, imprisoned, or sometimes even killed for their faith. Although the Iranian constitution recognizes minority religions that are historically common to Iran, Christians and other minorities face harsh restrictions and penalties. Churches are not allowed to preach or distribute materials in the official Iranian language. Sharing the gospel, especially with a Muslim, is strictly forbidden and heavily monitored.

The Islamic Revolution of 1979 ushered in a new Islamic Republic that condemned Christianity as a Western influence and a threat to Islamic Iran. Since the revolution, Christians have lived under strict Islamic laws and have been subject to widespread persecution. In 2017 Open Doors ranked Iran as #8 on their World Watch List for Christian persecution, labeling the persecution as “extreme.”

Christians make up less than one percent of Iran’s more than 81 million people. Muslims who convert to Christianity are declared apostates and face the harshest persecution. Though a handful of churches exist openly in Iran, most believers worship in underground house churches.

Despite all of this, the church in Iran is thriving.

Pray For Iran

During the Secret Church gathering, we will spend time praying for the people and church of Iran. We also invite you to continue praying with us in a 31-day prayer emphasis during May 2017.

A digital prayer guide (PDF) and an app will be available to guide your prayers in May. We'll be sharing more information about how to access those resources during the SC17 simulcast.

Follow the Radical blog for stories of how God is at work in Iran and specific ways to pray.

Give For Iran

Through the offering collected at Secret Church 17, our goal is to raise $150,000 to create 50,000 gospel memory cards and distribute them to Iranian unbelievers. Each gospel memory card will contain the entire Bible in their heart language and numerous other digital resources, plus provide a way for the recipient to learn more about Jesus from a local believer.

If each person who participates in Secret Church 17 gives only $3, our goal will be exceeded.

Donate Now

Begin praying now about how you, your family, your small group, and your church can come together For Iran.

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