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The Hui of China

The Hui of China were our prayer focus for Secret Church 13. As we gathered, we focused our attention on these minority peoples, specifically Chinese Muslims. More than 24 million Muslims live across China, 13 million of whom identify themselves ethnically as Hui, Salar, or Dongxiang. Since the 1800s, Christians have intentionally planted their lives among the Hui, yet today there are still fewer than a thousand followers of Christ. The few Hui believers that do exist experience pressure and persecution primarily from their families and communities. As a result, church planting among Chinese Muslims is difficult and complex, and the workers are few. God is at work among the Hui. Please continue to pray for God's Spirit to move among this people group and open their eyes and hearts to salvation through Christ.

Turks & Kurds of Turkey

The Turks and Kurds of Turkey were our prayer focus for Secret Church 14. Today, less than 0.1% of people in Turkey are evangelical Christians. Few of the 73 million Muslims have ever truly heard the gospel. Persecution of Christians has risen in recent years. Leaders of Turkish churches have been attacked, church members have been threatened, and buildings have been vandalized. Family pressure, police intimidation, and threats from Turkish nationalists and Muslim extremists keep many from coming to Christ. Despite these difficulties, a faithful church remains willing to persevere no matter the cost. Let us pray for our brothers and sisters who face severe pressure because of their faith in Christ and ask the Father to sustain and strengthen this remnant so many more can know of the good news of Jesus. Let us also turn our attention to the peoples of Turkey who have never heard the gospel.

The Peoples of Vietnam

The Peoples of Vietnam were our prayer focus for Secret Church 15. Most records show that only 1.0-1.8 % of the peoples of Vietnam are considered evangelical Christians. Persecution is not a new thing for Christians in Vietnam. As a communist nation, the government has strict control over religious freedom. Leaders of registered churches and house churches are constantly watched and routinely called in for questioning. Following Jesus can also cost Vietnamese Christians their families. Despite these hardships, the church in Vietnam is growing. Let us pray for our brothers and sisters who face severe persecution for their faith in Vietnam. Let us ask the Father to continue to grow the church in Vietnam and strengthen their faith to make them bold witnesses to Vietnamese people who have yet to hear the gospel.

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