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Translating Secret Church

The Purpose

Most Christ-followers around the world don't have access to seminaries or Bible colleges. In fact, Christ-followers in many parts of the world have no formal Christian teaching at all. As we gather together for Secret Church, we do so with the global church in mind. The objective of Secret Church is not just to come and learn for one night but to take what we've learned and pass it along to others. Therefore, we choose topics that not only will benefit the church in America, but also will be useful to pastors and Christ-followers in other parts of the world. The teaching sessions from every Secret Church gathering, when combined together, will comprise a portable seminary, so to speak, with mini-courses on various biblical and theological issues accessible to anyone.

The Process

The teaching sessions from each Secret Church gathering are recorded and transcribed. The transcripts are then edited to remove cultural references and phrases that would be confusing in other contexts. A second round of editing adds all of the Scripture that is in the study guide but wasn't read aloud during the teaching sessions, providing a more complete resource for those who don't have access to a copy of the Bible or the study guide and/or to accommodate individuals who are unable to read. These edited transcripts are then sent to translation teams who provide a written translation as well as an audio recording of the teaching sessions. Once complete, the translated versions of Secret Church are made available through the Radical Resource Library.

The Resources

Secret Church resources are currently available in 12 languages in the Radical Resource Library: Arabic, Mandarin, Indonesian, Hindi, Farsi, French, Spanish, Vietnamese, Thai, Amharic, Russian, and English. If you know of Christ-followers who would benefit from Secret Church in their own language, we invite you to share these resources with them. As additional resources in these and other languages become available, we will add them to the Resource Library.

There are three ways to access these resources online:

  • Browsing the English resources. If you are looking at a resource in English and wonder if it’s available in another language, simply click the “Download” button. If it’s available in additional languages, a list of options will be displayed. You can download it in whichever language you prefer.
  • Browsing by language. If you are primarily an English-speaker and want to see a complete list of all resources in another language, you can browse by language within the Resource Library. Select the "Language" option from the list of browsing preferences and choose the language you prefer. You will be able to further search or filter all resources that are available in that language.
  • For speakers of another language. If you or a friend are a native speaker of another language, you can translate the resources section of the website into your language by clicking on the orange globe in the top right corner of our site.

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Your Involvement

First, will you join us in praying for each of our translation teams? Every team faces very real spiritual battles as they work on these projects, and we—and they—appreciate your prayers for them as they work diligently to make Secret Church available in multiple languages around the world.

Additionally, at each Secret Church gathering we take up an offering. This offering is used to translate Secret Church, to distribute Secret Church teaching materials in multiple languages, and to support persecuted Christians worldwide through other ongoing ministry initiatives. Imagine a house-church leader in Asia or the Middle East, now able to hear hours of Bible teaching as he listens to Secret Church in his own language. You can contribute to the Secret Church offering to help fund the translation of Secret Church, among other initiatives.

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