1. Beat the Rush: Early Registration for Secret Church is Now Open

    We’re excited to announce that  Early Registration  for Secret Church 15 is now open! Simply go  here  to register for SC15 as a church, as a small group, or as an individual. The last day to get early registration pricing is January 25th. For those who have participated in Secret Church in the past, please note that this year’s gathering will not take place on Good Friday. Instead, the date for this upcoming gathering is Friday, April 24, 2015. Beat the end-of-year busyness by registering now. David Platt will be speaking on “Christ, Culture, and a Call to Action.” In case (Continue reading…)

  2. The Purpose of the Spirit in Our Lives

    The Purpose of the Spirit in Our Lives

    Posted on October 12th, 2014 by Secret Church

    Just as Jesus filled his disciples with his power and presence to accomplish his purpose in the first century, Jesus has filled every one of his disciples today with his power and his presence to accomplish his purpose in the twenty-first century. Yet we are prone to miss this, even in the way we talk about the Holy Spirit. I often hear Christians say, “Well, I share the gospel when the Holy Spirit leads me.” As with similar statements, there is one truth here. We want to be led by the Holy Spirit in everything (Continue reading…)

  3. Pray for Nigerians . . . and Persecuted Believers Everywhere

    Pray for Nigerians . . . and Persecuted Believers Everywhere

    Posted on September 29th, 2014 by Jonathan L.

    May this serve as a healthy reminder that church bombings and Boko Haram kidnappings should not be viewed simply as intriguing headlines. They are real trials faced by real Christians just like you and me. The International Day of Prayer (IDOP) for persecuted Christians is coming up, and  Open Doors  is hosting a free, interactive webcast. If you want to join in on November 1 and 2, RSVP  here . But don’t wait to begin praying for the persecuted church. Let the stories from Nigeria remind you that, in many places around the world, hostility toward believers is real, and it’s happening (Continue reading…)

  4. John Patton on Being Killed

    John Patton on Being Killed

    Posted on September 23rd, 2014 by Jonathan L.

    John Patton was a missionary to cannibals living on the Pacific island of Vanuatu in the mid-1800s. Below is how Patton reflected on constantly imminent death. “[Once] when natives in large numbers were assembled at my house, a man furiously rushed on me with his axe but a Kaserumini Chief snatched a spade with which I had been working, and dexterously defended me from instant death. Life in such circumstances led me to cling very near to the Lord Jesus; I known not, for one brief hour, when or how attack might be made; and (Continue reading…)

  5. Mid-Term Field Report: "Utilize the Time"

    Mid-Term Field Report: “Utilize the Time”

    Posted on September 19th, 2014 by Jonathan L.

    As many of us are leaving summer behind to return to school or get back into a regular routine at work, Matt is doing no such thing. Life is different for him. Matt lives in Central Asia and was sent out to serve mid-term by The Church at Brook Hill. Mid-term is described as a period of anywhere between two months and two years. For him, school looks more like learning a foreign language, and monotonous routine . . . well, there’s not much of that. We asked Matt some questions about his life in Central Asia. Our hope is that (Continue reading…)

  6. That Muslims May See Christ's Surpassing Beauty

    That Muslims May See Christ’s Surpassing Beauty

    Posted on September 12th, 2014 by David B.

    Kevin DeYoung posted the following prayer by Samuel M. Zwemer (1867-1952), an RCA minister and Princeton professor known as “The Apostle to Islam”: “Almighty God, our Heavenly Father, who hast made of one blood all nations and hast promised that many shall come from the East and sit down with Abraham in thy kingdom: We pray for thy prodigal children in Muslim lands who are still afar off, that they may be brought nigh by the blood of Christ. Look upon them in pity, because they are ignorant of thy truth. Take away pride of intellect (Continue reading…)

  7. New Resource: Secret Church 14 Small Group Discussion Guides

    If leading others through Secret Church material seems intimidating, or if you’re looking for a Bible study to do with your small group, we’ve designed a simple resource to help. Check out the new Small Group Discussion Guide for Secret Church 14: The Cross and Everyday Life (SC 14). The Small Group Discussion Guide breaks down 4.5 hours of teaching from SC 14 into a 6-week study that is designed to be used along with the video and Study Guide for SC 14. The Discussion Guide is free for anyone who purchases 5 or more SC 14 Study Guides (Continue reading…)

  8. ANNOUNCEMENT: 2014 International Day of Prayer Interactive Webcast

    ANNOUNCEMENT: 2014 International Day of Prayer Interactive Webcast

    Posted on September 8th, 2014 by Jonathan L.

    ISIS overrunning Iraq and Syria. Church buildings razed in China. Boko Haram bombings and kidnappings in Nigeria. Labor camps in North Korea. Imprisoned Christians in Iran. The persecution of Christians is on a tragic rise, but it is not a new phenomenon. In fact, each Fall, the International Day of Prayer has highlighted persecuted Christians, encouraging churches to pray for them as well as for their persecutors. Such prayer has always been important, but as this year’s headlines makes clear, the need for such prayer has never been more urgent. In light of this,  Open Doors  is hosting a (Continue reading…)

  9. 7 Reasons Why We Boast in the Cross

    7 Reasons Why We Boast in the Cross

    Posted on August 27th, 2014 by Jonathan L.

    The following is from  Secret Church 6: The Cross of Christ . We should boast in the cross . . .   1. Because the cross confronts us with who we once were. (Eph 2:1-5) The cross reminds us of how horrible sin is. The cross reminds us how humbling grace is.   2. Because the cross comforts us with who we are now. We are alive to God. (Rm 6:8-14) Sacrifice: He died our death. We were dead; now we live! We have an advocate before God. (Rm 8:33-39; Heb 7:23-25) Propitiation: He endured our condemnation We were afraid; now we are (Continue reading…)

  10. "Survey of the New Testament" from the Olden Days

    “Survey of the New Testament” from the Olden Days

    Posted on August 22nd, 2014 by Jonathan L.

    Have you ever thought something along these lines? “I wish I had an overview of (insert New Testament book) so that I didn’t have to jump into studying it blindly.” Our vault may contain just the remedy. Way back before people used the term millennial to refer to a generation, when iPods and cellphones were separate, and before simulcasts were in vogue . . . there was Secret Church 2: Survey of the New Testament. The aim of the study was simple, but not easy: complete an overview of the entire New Testament in mere hours. The (Continue reading…)