1. "Survey of the New Testament" from the Olden Days

    “Survey of the New Testament” from the Olden Days

    Posted on August 22nd, 2014 by Jonathan L.

    Have you ever thought something along these lines? “I wish I had an overview of (insert New Testament book) so that I didn’t have to jump into studying it blindly.” Our vault may contain just the remedy. Way back before people used the term millennial to refer to a generation, when iPods and cellphones were separate, and before simulcasts were in vogue . . . there was Secret Church 2: Survey of the New Testament. The aim of the study was simple, but not easy: complete an overview of the entire New Testament in mere hours. The (Continue reading…)

  2. The Danger of Simplistic Evangelism

    The Danger of Simplistic Evangelism

    Posted on August 19th, 2014 by Jonathan L.

    The urgent physical and spiritual need in the world calls for us to be urgent in proclaiming the gospel and mobilizing others to do the same. However, in our efforts to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible, we must be careful not to mistake being clear and to the point for simply dispersing a few simple, “cure-all” gospel facts. Being obedient to the Great Commission involves continual teaching in light of the whole counsel of God. Will Metzger speaks to this in pages 33-35 of his book,  Tell the Truth: The Whole Gospel to the Whole Person by Whole People . So often we are told (Continue reading…)

  3. ISIS Inmates Threaten Pastor Saeed's Life... but Not God's Love for Him

    The fact that Pastor Saeed Abedini has been wrongfully imprisoned in Iran for nearly two years is plenty cause for concern. But concern is now growing even more for the American pastor due to recent death threats from ISIS inmates being kept in the same prison. In true and dreadful ISIS fashion, the inmates “are now targeting Pastor Saeed because he is a Christian and an American” ( ACLJ ). Their recent aggression toward Pastor Saeed has accomplished at least two things. 1) They have made the already-imprisoned Abedini a virtual double prisoner as he is (Continue reading…)

  4. A Prayer for the Afflicted Saints of Iraq

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    A Prayer for the Afflicted Saints of Iraq

    Posted on August 12th, 2014 by Jonathan L.

    The following prayer was originally posted by Rick Phillips on Reformation 21 . Our Father in heaven, the sovereign and almighty God, the faithful covenant-keeper and Savior, we plead to you on behalf of our suffering fellow believers in Iraq.  Cast your eye upon them and have mercy to uphold and defend your flock.  Overthrow the evil of their persecutors and strengthen the faith of those suffering tribulation for the name of Jesus. Father, as of old you caused the enemies of your people to destroy one another in answer to the plea of Jehoshaphat ( 2 Chron. 20:23 ), (Continue reading…)

  5. Take Action: "Looming Humanitarian Catastrophe"

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    Take Action: “Looming Humanitarian Catastrophe”

    Posted on August 9th, 2014 by Jonathan L.

    Yezidis trapped in the Sinjar mountains, (CNN) Today, the Baptist Press (BP) released a  statement  urging people to take action on behalf of suffering Iraqis. Thousands of Christians have been forced to flee Mosul. The Islamic State (IS) is persecuting religious minorities of every variety, including the Yazidi people near Sinjar. Said the BP: Most pressing is a situation the White House calls a “looming humanitarian catastrophe” unfolding on a mountaintop near the Iraqi city of Sinjar, home to the country’s Yazidi religious minority, where some 50,000 Yazidi refugees are trapped with limited food and water. (Continue reading…)

  6. Four Christians Martyred in Ukraine

    Four Christians Martyred in Ukraine

    Posted on August 8th, 2014 by Jonathan L.

    There has been no shortage of bad news in the headlines over the last couple of months. While some conflicts in Eastern Europe and the Middle East have found many of our Christian brothers and sisters in the crosshairs incidentally, there have also been many reports of Christians being persecuted because of their faith. As Christians are among those currently trapped in the desolate mountains of northwestern Iraq with the Islamic State (IS) pressing in, the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) is now reporting that four Christian radio volunteers were recently captured and beaten to death by pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine “simply for being (Continue reading…)

  7. World's Top Church-Destroying Countries

    World’s Top Church-Destroying Countries

    Posted on August 6th, 2014 by Jonathan L.

    The following is from an August 5th  Christianity Today article . Inside the Kremlin, Russian President Vladimir Putin  plans to rebuild  two monasteries and a church torn down by Stalin about 85 years ago. But as Russia rebuilds churches with one hand, with the other it’s been knocking them down. While a campaign in China to  de-Christianize city skylines  has drawn the most  international   attention  this summer, Pew Research Center recently calculated the world’s 34 countries with the most  government destruction of religious property  (as of 2012). Three countries topped the list, with 100 or more incidents: China, Russia, and Tajikistan. . . . ( READ MORE (Continue reading…)

  8. Persecution in the News

    Persecution in the News

    Posted on August 1st, 2014 by Jonathan L.

    This post was originally published on the Radical blog . This past week has seen a flurry of blog posts, articles, videos, and teachings on persecution and Christian suffering that are all deserving of attention. So instead of our normal  Friday “Well Said” feature, we’re going to point you to a number of these pieces, all centered on the global plight of suffering and/or persecuted Christians . . . The Persecuted Church Led by Mindy Belz, this TGC Women’s Conference workshop is very informative. VIDEO: David Platt on global Christian persecution This 7 minute ERLC conversation covers the effects of persecution and (Continue reading…)

  9. 5 Facts About the Worldwide Persecution of Christians

    5 Facts About the Worldwide Persecution of Christians

    Posted on July 31st, 2014 by Jonathan L.

    The following article was posted on the ERLC website : This weekend many Southern Baptist churches will put special emphasis on praying for the persecuted Church. In preparation for the observance, here are five facts you should know about Christian persecution around the globe: 1. Christians are the most persecuted religious group worldwide. An average of  180 Christians around the world  are killed each month for their faith. 2. According to the U.S. Department of State, in  more than 60 countries  Christians face persecution from their governments or surrounding neighbors because of their faith in Christ. 3. One of the  worst countries in the world for the persecution  of Christians is North Korea. With (Continue reading…)

  10. VOM Persecution Blog: "You Won't Find Christians Here"

    VOM Persecution Blog: “You Won’t Find Christians Here”

    Posted on July 30th, 2014 by Jonathan L.

    The following is from Voice of the Martyrs’ Persecution Blog : On a recent trip to Nepal, I joined a small team of staff members to do Bible distribution and take part in a pastor’s conference located in the central region of the country..  After several hours of driving, we came to a residential area of colorful but otherwise run-down houses. Most homes didn’t appear to have indoor plumbing as I saw people collecting water and washing their clothes at well-fed water taps residing on each block. From my western point-of-view, these were poor low-income families. Our (Continue reading…)