Audio & Video

Past Secret Church resources – audio, video and study guides – are available through the Radical website. These resources are free of charge and can be downloaded to your desktop. If you prefer hard copies of past Secret Church resources, you can also purchase DVD’s, CD’s and Study Guides through the Radical Store.

Secret Church for Small Groups

What if there were no church buildings or Worship Rooms? Where would you worship, pray, study the Bible, and have fellowship with other Christ-followers? “House churches” exist all over the world, especially in areas where it is difficult to follow Christ openly. In fact, for the majority of Christ-followers worldwide, church is actually a living room, den or kitchen. Many have never seen a steeple or sat in a pew, but they worship and serve the same God that we do.

It had us thinking, “What if this ‘house church’ night we’re having at church were actually held in someone’s home?” It would bring Secret Church full circle. After all, what better way to fulfill the mission of Secret Church than to take God’s Word out beyond the walls of the church into our homes and neighborhoods?

We invite you to make Secret Church a “house church” experience in your own home. You can take these videos and the accompanying teaching guides and have weekly or monthly “Secret Church” Bible studies at your house or apartment. It’s a great way to get a small-group Bible study going, because all the teaching materials are provided for you.

Invite friends and neighbors to join you for this special time. Break out the candles, dim the lights and keep it quiet—after all, it’s a secret. A little “cloak and dagger” adds mystery to the evening. And an at-home Bible study is a great opportunity to share what you are learning in God’s Word with others.

Let us know how we can help you. Visit the Host Your Own Gathering page.

Secret Church for Large Groups

We have resources available for those who would like to host Secret Church on a larger scale. If we can help you or assist you in conducting a Secret Church gathering, please visit our Host Your Own Gathering page and provide us with as much information as possible. We’ll contact you and provide you with more information.